green chemical

“Environment conscious formula”

Machinery maintenance & cleaning is a common industrial task involving a range of parts cleaning solvents many of which can be toxic and hazardous. Chemical solvents often contain highly toxic and harmful ingredients which can lead to a range of serious health hazards and illnesses for workers, and significant legal and financial risks for business.

Some common ingredients in parts cleaning solvent cause severe skin, eye and throat irritation if workers come into direct contact with the chemical or inhale its vapor, while long term exposure can lead to chronic skin problems, nerve damage and certain types of cancers.

Managing these types of chemical risks in the workplace creates a significant workload in managing safety information, safe storage and handling procedures as well as effective monitoring, ventilation and waste disposal systems to minimize risks to workers.

Becoming aware of the problem is the first step towards reducing chemical health and safety risks in the workplace as well as the environment.

Working together with OSDEC INTERNATIONAL with environment in mind had enable us to develop a product which are effective as well as environment conscious.

Current OSDEC product range as follows